Check out the latest issue of Girlhood Studies for Dr. Scahill's new essay "Fanfic'ing Film: Queer Youth Cinema Reclaims Pop Culture." The essay is guided by a simple question: if given the means to make their own films, what stories would young queer people today tell about their own lives?

To answer this question, Dr. Scahill traveled to Calgary in 2018 to attend the Fairy Tales Film Festival, where festival organizers provided training and resources to young queer filmmakers and allowed them to exhibit their films to the festival audience. Dr. Scahill sat down with the directors to talk about their lives, their films, and what filmmaking means to them. This essay argues that the filmmakers employ a unique"fanfic aesthetic" to place LGBT identity at the center of genres that young queers love, but ones that don't always love them back.

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