Go West, Young(ish) Man! Big changes are afoot as Dr. Scahill has officially accepted an Assistant Professor position at the University of Colorado Denver, to begin this fall. He will be teaching film in the English department alongside his exceptional colleague Sarah Hagelin. Scahill has thoroughly enjoyed my time at Salisbury University, and values the many wonderful experiences with my colleagues and students. Salisbury University houses a top-notch film studies program and publishes Literature/Film Quarterly, one of the longest-running film journals in the nation. At Salisbury University, Prof. Scahill was able to invite film producers, composers, and directors for exclusive Q&A's, and even brought a documentary crew to campus to film in his classroom! Dr. Scahill looks forward to a new chapter in my career at CU Denver, where he'll be looking to build and expand the film program and to take advantage of Denver's thriving art and film festival scene. Stay tuned.

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